Playing the Virgin Islands Lottery Traditional Game is simple.

First, find a dealer, and purchase your tickets. Our tickets are sold in sheets comprising of twenty individual pieces for the VI Lottery Traditional Ordinary Drawing, and twenty-five individual pieces for the VI Lottery Extra Ordinary Drawing. While they can be purchased in individual pieces, your chances of winning big are infinitely greater when you purchase an entire sheet. However, our dealers can satisfy the limits of your wallet by selling you the number of pieces you desire. When you purchase individual pieces, you do share your winnings with others who have selected the same lottery number as you. When you purchase the full ticket sheet, if you have a winning number, you win the entire amount of the prize.

Your choices are limited by the available pool of tickets that are printed. Your choices range from one to thirty-four thousand for the Ordinary Drawing, and one to forty thousand for the EX or Extra Ordinary Drawing.

After the drawings are done and the winning numbers are posted, check to see if you won. You can check online at this website, or visit one of our offices. There are many ways to win the Traditional Lottery. Once you have won, its time to collect your prize. Click here to find out how to collect your winnings.

Extra Ordinary Prospectus provides the winning amounts per prize for the Extra Ordinary Drawing, and Traditional Ordinary Prospectus provides the winning amounts per prize for the Traditional or Ordinary Drawing.

Where is the Ticket Number, Drawing Number and Drawing Date?

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