Virgin Islands Lottery

Traditional Game Vendor Program

The Virgin Islands Lottery invites you to join the approximately 150 registered vendors actively representing the Virgin Islands Traditional Lottery on St. Thomas, St. Croix, St. John, and Water Island. This is an opportunity to make money, provide entertainment for fellow islanders and visitors, spread the excitement of winning, and contribute to the general welfare of your community.

Become a Proud Member of the VI Lottery Sales Force

Top Reasons for Becoming a VI Lottery Dealer or Retailer

Be financially independent.

Control your own future. More than 34,000 tickets are printed and are for sale by Vendors. For each regular drawing full sheet you sell, you earn $7. For every "Extra" drawing, you earn $10. The more you sell, the more you earn. On average, an active Vendor currently earns $25,000 - $40,000 a year.

A proven lucrative income with bonuses!

Every 1 out of 8 players wins! That means you will have happy customers and steady repeat business. In fact, many Vendors have clients who purchase tickets for every drawing!

BONUS: if you are the Vendor with the most tickets sold in a 2-week period, you'll get a cash bonus!

Be your own boss. Set your own work hours.

There are many areas on all 4 islands are are without Vendors. The market is wide open for you to offer the Traditional Lottery Game to those who want to play but have no way of getting tickets. You decide whether to catch people on their way home in the morning, as they are visiting their favorite lunch spots, or relaxing after hours. You're your own boss!

We'll help promote your business with FREE professional sales tools!

The Virgin Islands Lottery will help you identify yourself as an official Lottery Vendor with the following free materals:

  • Three bright Virgin Islands Lottery logo t-shirts
  • Vendor buttons
  • Posters promoting the Traditional Lottery Game and the 2010 drawing dates
  • A complete advertisign campaign including TV, radio, newspaper, and online ads to create excitement for the Lottery and send customers looking for you
  • A professional website where your customers can go to check for their winning numbers
  • Regular Vendor meetings where sales techniques are shared, promotions are explained, and your suggestions for the Lottery are considered
Becoming a Dealer for the Virgin Islands Traditional Lottery game is easy!

Here are the steps involved to getting a Dealer's License:

Provide valid proof of citizenship or permanent residency by presenting one of the following: Passport/Driver's License, Government Issued ID, or Naturalization Certification.
Be 18 years or older
Bring Original Police Record
Bring TWO (2) Wallet size photographs (1-11/2 x 1-1/2)
Bring $25.00 License Fee
Come in to the main office in St. Thomas and bring the completed required Dealer's License Application form, and the required items listed here.

Apply for Dealer's License

You can fill out and submit your Dealer's License Application online, or you can  download Dealer's License Application form, print it, and fill out the form.  

Please bring the completed form and the above required items to the St. Thomas VI Lottery office to complete your application process.

How the Virgin Islands Lottery works for Vendors

It's easy to get tickets and sell them. Just follow these simple steps.

Complete the Vendor / Dealer Application Process.

See above for details.

Visit the closest Virgin Islands Lottery office to purchase your tickets.

Tickets are available for sale the day of the last drawing. "Extra" tickets are available 45 days prior to each drawing. You purchase as many tickets as you want. You can always return to buy more as you run out. As you develop regular customers, they may request specific numbers. You have the ability to reserve those numbers, once awarded, just for your clients! Instant repeat sales!

Sell your tickets full-sheet or by the individual ticket.

Sell your tickets by the full sheet for $30 for the regular drawings or $50 for the "Extra" drawings. You keep $7 for each regular ticket sheet and $10 for each "Extra" ticket sheet. You can also sell each, by the row, half sheets or any way your customers want to buy. It's up to you!

Do you have a few tickets left at drawing time?

Watch the Numbers! You could be the winner yourself! Every 1 in 8 players win. It just could be you!

Drawings are held at the St. Thomas Lottery office on the date of the drawing.

Drawings are held usually every two weeks on a Thursday for regular drawings. You are welcome to come and watch the action along with many other Vendors and customers. It's an exciting process!

Check your numbers to see if you won.

You can check your winning numbers online at our website or check the "Scheme" sheets that are printed as soon as the winner's list is verified; usually within evening of the drawing. Public notification of the winning numbers is also published in the St. Croix Avis.

Collecting cash and prizes is easy, too.

Winners present their tickets at any Virgin Islands Lottery Office. Click here to learn more how to collect your prize.

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