Guardians of Culture Moko Jumbies Testimonial -
VI Lottery Sponsorship Community Enrichment Initiative

"I am Willard John, the Founding Member and Director of the Guardians of Culture Moko Jumbies, and on behalf of the Guardians of Culture Moko Jumbies, we would like to thank the Virgin Islands Lottery for the significant support they have provided us. The costume that you saw is what we have constructed as a result of the support that we have from them, as well as getting a number of stilts made. Their assistance has really gone far in having us develop this program in which we have over 50 youngsters. We teach them this whole art of Moko Jumbie. More than that, we teach them how to be good citizens, how to be good people, how to be kind, how to give back to your community, and how to be academically astute. All those things are wrapped around learning how to perform on stilts.

Our mission is to assist these young people in promoting and preserving this unique aspect of Virgin Islands culture, and remind everyone that the best way to preserve culture is to live it."

"Thank you VI Lottery!"

- Willard John, Founder & Artistic Director

"Thank you VI Lottery!" - from the members of the Guardians of Culture Moko Jumbies

70% of the VI Lottery revenue supports the Virgin Islands' Community.

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